#17M: Altamira in Olive Green

Caracas Chronicles

National Guards cool off with a snow cone. National Guards cool off with a snow cone.

I wake up to the soothing sounds of a chopper; like a giant mosquito that you just can’t swat. Check my phone: Monday, 6:45 am. Insane tweets from people I’ve been meaning to delete from my timeline warn of a looming suspension of constitutional guarantees. Others, more grounded, point towards the military takeover of Plaza Altamira, the focal point of student barricades (guarimbas) and Playstation-like combat with the National Guard for the past month. At 3:00 a.m. the military took control of Avenida Francisco de Miranda and, with great pride, conquered Altamira.

It’s mid morning and  I can’t resist the temptation to walk down a couple of blocks to Altamira Square and watch the occupation process, or whatever is left of it. As I approach, I notice a tweet. A man went by himself at 9:30 a.m. to protest the military takeover…

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