All your Torre de David are belong to us

Caracas Chronicles

Torre Confianzas vista desde el piso 15 edif CTV 04 The former Centro Financiero Confinanzas in Caracas, now known as “La Torre de David”. But if the Chinese finally have their way, it will be transformed into a brand new International Financial Center.

If there’s a symbol of today’s Venezuela, is probably the skyscraper-turned-slum known as “La Torre de David”.

The high-rise slum has become so famous abroad, that even Hollywood has taken note. But its days could be numbered according to this report from newspaper Tal Cual. Why is that? Because China.

Our Chinese overlords want to turn the building into an “international financial center”, so the government (through the Ministry for the Transformation of Caracas) will start negotiations with the families who live there and relocate them to Cúa, Miranda State. Some neighbors said that it could happen by the end of the year, but they were pretty tight-lipped. Our friend Setty thinks the whole thing is scandalous

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